Maison Rouma

Chambre d'Hôte & Gite

Maison Rouma - Terms & Conditions

  1. The property known as Maison Castera ( the Property) is offered for rental subject to confirmation with the owner.
  2. To reserve the Property, email confirmation is required from the Client and once confirmed as received by the owners. The Client should confirm and accept the Terms and Conditions of the rental agreement. An initial non-refundable deposit is required and this is a formal acceptance of the booking. Please note that a cleaning charge of 45 Euros will be added on the full rental price.
  3. The Client is recommended to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy and to have full cover for personal belongings, public liability since these are not covered by the Owner's insurance.
  4. Once the Client and the Owners has agreed to a period of rental and the Client cancels before the agreed rental period ends, the Client must pay the full rental for the agreed rental period.
  5. Bookings, when confirmed are on the understanding that the property will be available for the dates specified. If, due to circumstances beyond the owners control, this is not possible, the owner will make a prompt full refund of the deposit. In the event of the booking being cancelled or altered, by reasons of force majeure ( which includes floods, storms,riots,strikes,wars, and Acts of God) or other events outside our control the owner cannot accept liability.
  6. The rental period shall commence, when agreed between the Client and the Owners which is usually 5 pm on the first day and finishes at Midday on the last day.
  7. The maximum number of people to reside in the property is 4 people (adults).
  8. Complaints cannot be accepted upon or after the Clients departure.
  9. No sharp objects , glasses or bottles are allowed around the pool area. The swimming pool is available between mid May to 30th September each year. The pool is regularly maintained but if unusual climatic changes occur, this may affect the water clarity, please check with the Owners about the use of the pool.
  10. The Clients use of all of the agreed facilities provided at the property, the Owners shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death. As with many old properties in France there are low doorways and beams and the Owners shall not be liable to the Client for any damage or injury resulting from contact with doorways and beams.
  11. Use of the accommodation and all amenities is entirely at the Clients own risk. Clients motor vehicles left in or around the property are entirely at clients own risk, and no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage thereto.
  12. Smoking / Vaping is not permitted in the property. If smoking outside please ensure disposal of cigarette ends in a clean and responsible manner.
  13. If the rental is 3 months plus the utilities will be the Clients responsibility.
  14. The Client must not do anything that would result in the insurance of the Property becoming void. The right to use the Property may be revoked with immediate effect by the O,wner before the end of the rental period, by the Owners giving the Client notice in the event of the Client is in breach of the Terms of the agreement.
  15. Wi-Fi is provided free of charge and at times it 'falls out' and this is beyond the Owners control. Some flexibility may be possible.
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